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Inez de Coo is a video artist, film programmer and curator from Amsterdam. She has a degree in Biology from Leiden University, Fine Arts from the KABK in The Hague as well a post-graduate Fine Arts degree from the Royal Academy Schools in London. Upon her return to The Netherlands she completed a Master of Film and Photographic Studies at Leiden University. As an artist she has shown at various international galleries, among which Studio Voltaire in London and Werkleitz in Germany. Her work is currently in the collection of the Saatchi Gallery in London. In 2016 she started working at IMPAKT where she was in charge of the IMPAKT Channel. Since then she has worked on the film programmes of the IMPAKT Festivals and curated several events and screenings. Alongside her work at IMPAKT she has programmed films at cinemas in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and curated exhibitions at artist initiatives in London, Haarlem and The Hague. She also works as a curator for We Are Public and the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam.

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